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Memory Foam Factory Direct
  • Memory Foam Factory Direct
  • Memory Foam Factory Direct
  • Model:45D60D70D
  • Size:23cmx11cmx4cm
  • Weight:45g/60g/70g
  • Package:Opp bag

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Our factory's regular memory foam product is usually in 45D and 70D.

Our memory foam factory own many ready mold for customer to choose from or make their own mold.

All memory foam products Rohs Test Passed.

All clothes fabric AZO free.

All the Memory foam products from Dremflavor are odor free!

Memory Foam Factory sample

Memory Foam Factory sample length
Memory Foam Factory sample width
We can made different density foam. The sample is cut from a product of 23cmx23cmx4cm. For customized order, we can adjust to customers density and softness requirement.

We will brings these samples to the exhibition, the one we will be is  Frankfurt Automechanika (Shanghai, China)1st-3th, Dec.2017 !

Memory Foam Factory-travel pillow
Memory Foam Factory travel pillow
Memory Foam Factory-travel pillow
Memory Foam Pillow for Travel Memory Foam Travel Pillow Travel neck pillow core

Memory Foam Factory-back support
Memory Foam Factory-back support
Memory Foam Factory-back support
Memory Foam Seat Lumbar Support
 Massage Support Core     Memory Foam Lumbar Support Cushion
Memory Foam Factory-seat cushion
Memory Foam Factory-seat pad
seat cushion
  Memory Foam Office Seat Cushion Memory Foam Chair Pad
Memory Foam Seat Cushion
Memory Foam Factory- car neck pillow
Memory Foam Factory- car neck pillow
Memory Foam Factory- car neck pillow
Car neck pillow 
Car neck pillow factory direct
Car seat neck pillow

Memory Foam Factory-baby neck pillow
Memory Foam Factory-cervical pillow
Memory Foam Factory-gel pad sleeping pillow
Baby memory foam pillow core Cervical Memory Foam Pillow Core Gel pad Memory Foam Sleeping Pillow core

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1.The natural memory foam is white. After it exposures in the air for a couple of day without any fabric cover, it will goes yellow slowly. It is a nature  progress. Usually we make white memory foam. We can also add color to the memory, like yellow, black color, so it maintains the same color the whole life.

2. This pad is just a simple list of the row mold memory foam core. Some of them we choose and branded with Dremflavor. Please click to see what it looks like after clothed.


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