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Memory Foam Sleeping Pillow
  • Memory Foam Sleeping Pillow
  • Memory Foam Sleeping Pillow
  • Memory Foam Sleeping Pillow
  • Model:JYM001S
  • Size:50×30×8/11cm
  • Weight:850g+Gel Weigh
  • Package:PE compress bag
  • Product Feature
  • No smell memory foam

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Memory Foam Sleeping Pillow

Dremflavor focus on no smell memory foam sleeping pillows.
This is not a traditional cool memory foam sleeping pillow.  Most traditional sleep pillow does not provide enough support, not provide the cooling function. But is sleeping pillow (it is a sleeping core as shown in this page), with two different height that adjusts to both neck and back, provides a comfortable night turn over for both side sleeper and back sleepers.

Sleeping Pillow

We have a lot of words that can be used to describe the goodness of this Memory Foam Sleeping Pillow. Such as comfortable memory foam, all night cooling silica pad...Why not try with us a sample, then we can decide whether we should go with big deals!

bamboo sleeping pillow

Both cheap bamboo Memory Foam Sleeping Pillowcase and high-quality velour Memory Foam Sleeping Pillowcase is available.

velour sleeping pillow cover

Memory Foam Sleeping Pillow Component:

Insert: 70D memory foam

Cover: bamboo polyester fabric/velour/cotton

Dremflavor Memory Foam Advantages:

gel neck pillow factory

1. No Odor
2. Ultra Comfort
3. Don’t go flat easily
4. Advanced CFC Technology
5. Over 5 years service time

Memory Foam Sleeping Pillow Packing:

Non-woven bag / Compressed bag / Color printing box.

cheap bread pillow memory foam side sleeping pillow factory

OEM Service:

sleep pillow factory

More OEM Service: Pillow Size, Pattern, Material, Color, Washing Label, Brand Logo, Packaging, Shredded Memory Foam Weight, etc.

Dremflavor Factory introduction
Dremflavor Inc invests his memory foam factory Foshan Jiyi-Mi Technology Co., Ltd, which located in Foshan City, China and the factory operated by Ken Shang. 
Dremflavor produces a range of memory foam product for home, hotel, travel, and travel, all of them we can offer the competitive price. All our products are high quality. Welcome your contact and talk about OEM products, develop your own brand and products!
We need to and have to produce health, environmental protection, comfort, no smell (VOC free)memory foam products! 
Sewing Department

sleep pillow factory memory foam side sleeping pillow factory
Foaming Department

cooling neck pillow factory gel neck pillow factory
Packing Department
cool memory foam pillow factory cheap bread pillow memory foam


1. Can you provide different density memory foam sleep pillow?
Yes, we can produce different density memory foam pillow. Usually, our standards memory foam pillow is 70D. We accept customers’ density and softness with his own sample for ref.

2. Can I use my private label?
Yes, we can make the private label for you. Usually, the private label is also called side label, specify the brand name and simple goods production.

3. Can I get a sample to test the quality of the bulk order?
It's okay that we provide a sample. The sample cost will be refunded in your following official order by negotiation.

4. What's your shipping method?
For sample order, we can ship via Express. For bulk order, sea transportation can save much shipping cost. Also, we cooperate with shipping company who can provide the best shipping rate.

5. What is your date of delivery?
The lead time of the sample is about 5-7 days. If your order is the large quantity, the lead time is about 15-20 days. Please contact us for the accurate lead time.
6. What is your payment term?
Paypal, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram and cash.

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Foshan Jiyi-Mi Technology Co., Ltd.
ADD: No#3, Shangsha Road, Shachong, Lishui County, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China, 528244
TEL: +86-575-85605287
FAX: +86-575-85605287

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Phone number/what's app: 0086-13480264485

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