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Tel: +86-757-85605287

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Factory Address: No#3, Shangsha Road,Shachong, Lishui County,Nanhai Distrit, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China 528244
Memory Foam Patio Cushion
  • Memory Foam Patio Cushion
  • Memory Foam Patio Cushion
  • Memory Foam Patio Cushion
  • Memory Foam Patio Cushion
  • Model:JYM010
  • Size:45x45x8cm (17.7x17.7x3.1 inches)
  • Weight:1100g
  • Package:46x46x10cm
  • Product Feature
  • No odor memory foam

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Memory Foam Patio Cushion

Dremflavor focus on high-quality no odor memory foam products.

This Patio Cushion is designed to make the customer comfortable while sitting. Best choice for people who often sit in a patio chair. It fits outdoor deep seat furniture. And it can be used as a meditation cushion and stadium seat cushion. 

Reduce Back, Spine and Coccyx Pain! Don't worry bout Tailbone Injury, Sciatica, hemorrhoid, Pelvic Pain.

Patio Cushion Description:

45*45*8cm (17.7*17.7*3.1 inches)
Net Weight
850g / 950g / 1100g
Customized color
Outer Cover
100% polyester / 100% cotton / customized
Inner Cloth
100% polyester / 100% cotton / customized
Inner Core
Visco-elastic memory foam

1. No odor memory foam

2. Ultra comfort

3. Flexible OEM service

4. Rohs Passed & AZO Free

PVC bag / Color box / Compress packaging / Customized packaging 
OEM Service
Washing label, private label, brand logo, item size, cover material, pattern, color, memory foam weight, etc. 

Item SKU: JYM010

Patio Cushion Details:

memory foam patio cushion

Memory Foam Quality:

memory foam patio cushion manufacturer

Dremflavor's memory foam advantages:

1. No odor

2. Ultra comfort

3. Don't go flat easily

4. Over 5-years service time

Patio Cushion Packaging:

memory foam patio seat cushion

OEM Service:

memory foam patio cushion supplier

OEM Service: Memory foam density, private label, brand logo, cloth material, pattern, color, retail packaging, after-sale service card, etc.

Container Loading data

Packing Method: Opp bag packing

Patio Cushion Supplier

Packing Method: Compressed packing

Memory Foam Patio Cushion Manufacturer

With compressed packing, we can pack more memory foam patio cushions into one carton.

It means more cushions can be shipped in one container. It's the best way to save much International Shipping Costs.


Rohs Test by SGS (Our memory foam pass Rohs Test)

memory foam patio cushion with Rohs Passed

AZO Test by CTS (Our cloth are AZO, Pb, Cd-Free)

Dremflavor Factory introduction

Dremflavor Inc invests his memory foam factory Foshan Jiyi-Mi Technology Co., Ltd, which located in Foshan City, China and the factory operated by Ken Shang. 
Dremflavor produces products like memory foam pillow, memory foam seat cushions, and memory foam lumbar support. All our products are high quality. Welcome your contact and talk about OEM products, develop your own brand and products!
We need to and have to produce health, environmental protection, comfort, no smell (VOC free)memory foam products! 

Sewing Department

memory foam patio cushion wholesaler

Foaming Department

memory foam patio cushion factory
Packing Department
memory foam patio cushion manufacturer

Contact Information

TEL: +86-575-85605287



Foshan Jiyi-Mi Technology Co., Ltd.

No#3, Shangsha Road
Lishui County
Nanhai District
Foshan City
Guangdong Province

Memory foam patio cushion supplier -- Dremflavor.

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