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Memory Foam Lumbar Support Cushion
  • Memory Foam Lumbar Support Cushion
  • Memory Foam Lumbar Support Cushion
  • Memory Foam Lumbar Support Cushion
  • Memory Foam Lumbar Support Cushion
  • Memory Foam Lumbar Support Cushion
  • Memory Foam Lumbar Support Cushion
  • Model:QFC00270DC-BK
  • Size:45x28x12cm
  • Weight:650g
  • Package:45x30x15cm
  • Product Feature

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Dremflavor is a Lumbar Support Cushion Manufacturer.

We focus on premium quality no odor memory foam products.

This memory foam lumbar support cushion is designed according to human is waist cure. Its structure helps people to keep proper sitting posture and relax tension after the long time sitting. 

Product Description

China lumbar support cushion supplier

Component of Lumbar Support Cushion

Lumbar Support Cushion Inlay

70D foaming polyurethane (memory foam)

No odor during the whole production procedure

Rohs Passed (Test by SGS)

Lumbar Support Cushion Inlay
Inner Case

100% cotton / 100% polyester

AZO, Pb, Cd Free (Tested by CTS)

lumbar support cushion inner cotton case
Outer Cover

100% cotton / 100% polyester fabric

A variety of colors for your choice

AZO, Pb, Cd Free (Tested by CTS)

best lumbar support cushion
Back elastic band
With elastic band on the back and a band extension
best lumbar support cushion factory

Color Options for our Lumbar Support Cushion

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lumbar support cushion wholesaler
wholesale lumbar support cushion
lumbar support cushion supplier
lumbar cushion default packing
5 colors  Coffee Wine red     Beige Default Packing

Do you have interest in manufacturing as your favorite color? Tell us and we can make it come true. :)

Dremflavor Memory Foam Advantages:

memory foam lumbar support

1. No odor
2. Ultra comfort
3. Don't go flat easily
4. Advanced CFC technology
5. Over 5-years service time

Container Loading Data

How many lumbar support cushions we can load into a 20 feet container?

390 18 7020
QFC002 CTN length( mm) CTN Wideth( mm) CTN Heigh( mm) TOTAL CBM
(45x28x12cm) 450 385 460 31.08105

Answer: 7020 pieces.

If we choose to use compress package, more than 9000 pcs memory foam lumbar support cushions can be loaded. After compression, each lumbar support cushion can be half compressed by size, which can save a lot of space and shipping cost. After we release the lumbar support, they will recover to original shape--Dremflavor always provide top quality memory foam products!

Dremflavor Factory introduction

Dremflavor focus on no odor memory foam products. Used in car, office, home, and airplane. There are 38 kinds of varieties and over 60 models so that they can bring intimate care anywhere.
Dremflavor adheres to "Integrity, honesty, loyalty, love" as our business philosophy. We will try our best to provide professional and Superior Service to our customers. 
Welcome to contact us for OEM service. 
Look forward to being with you to establish long-term friendly relations of cooperation.

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memory foam waist pillow free sample

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office memory foam waist cushion free sample

Our Team

memory foam waist pillow china office waist cushion china

Reviews from Business Partners

best lumbar support cushion manufacturer

As an experienced memory foam manufacturer, we specialize in manufacturing no odor memory foam products. Our business partners are including Trading Companies, Retailers, Distributors, etc. Dremflavor can receive high reputations from our business partners and satisfy the end users.

Contact Information
TEL: +86-575-85605287

Foshan Jiyi-Mi Technology Co., Ltd.
No#3, Shang Sha Road
Lishui County
Nanhai District
Foshan City
Guangdong Province

Please feel free to contact customer services with any questions about our products or service, we're more than happy to help.

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