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Why Choose Dremflavor as Your Memory Foam Pillow Factory

Views:1049 Publish Date:2017-06-13

Why Choose Dremflavor as Your Memory Foam Pillow Factory?  The answer shoule simply be: Because Dremflavor would be your best memory foam pillow factory.

To be the best memory foam sleeping pillow factory is Dremflavor’s long term wish. Maybe once upon a time you woke up from a sore neck, you realize if you have a good pillow, you will never encounter sore neck pain again? Just make a review over the memory pillow options in the market; several of color, design, price pillows, and different quality… customers can make a good choice for their own! We investigate most of the memory foam pillow users, and found that it is hard for them to find a good quality of good price memory. Most of them said, when they receive a new memory foam pillow, the biggest problems is the odor that keep them out because they are so worried about the odor will bring damage to healthy.

the best memory foam sleep pillow factory

But Dremflavor determines to be the best memory foam sleeping pillow factory. How to be the best memory foam sleeping pillow factory? We will do the following and more:

1. An improved memory foam formulation is very necessary. 

The main component of memory foam is polyurethane, a high molecular polymer. The source of the odor is due to the some manufacturers in order to achieve a higher degree of foaming by using TDI. But we use a non-toxic and tasteless TDI replacement agent, which not only can effectively solve the problem of smell, more importantly, to ensure people are breathing is clean and healthy air during the sleeping.

the best memory foam sleep pillow factory

2. A reasonable resign decides a good sleeping pillow which should be according to human body shape.

 Only the product meets the Ergonomic requirement can be entitle with a good sleeping people. It should reduce the pressure at the stress point of stress, relieve fatigue, and reduce the pain and discomfort caused by cervical disease.

the best memory foam sleep pillow factory

3. The Pillow cover should be environmental friendly, easy to change. 

Memory foam pillow cover fabric is an important part of the whole pillow. The fabric should come from big textile manufacturer with international certificate. The sewing and stitching should be delicate. 

We believe that if we can insist to provide the market with quality product and service, plus competitive price for all our customers, we can be the best memory foam sleep pillow factory!