What are The Differences of Memory Foam Pillow and Latex Pillow?

What are The Differences of Memory Foam Pillow and Latex Pillow?

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What are The Differences of Memory Foam Pillow and Latex Pillow?


What are the real differences of memory foam pillow and latex pillow? When we face the choice of two, we have to ask. The explanations online tell us something about this. Recently I read an article, which criticizes memory foam product, saying ”memory foam pillow is not good pillow”, “memory foam pillow has nothing good for cervical supndylosis prevention and treatment”, stressing that latex is top luxury bedding material in developed countries and in China Latex is considered as top luxury”. He lists 10 points of memory foam characters, most of them are positive, but the end of the article what it concludes that there are touted latex, confused latex and natural latex, belittle memory foam, which we suspecte he wants to misleading people consumption.

 What are The Differences of Memory Foam Pillow and Latex Pillow?

In order to allow more people to scientifically identify the differences between the two,  Dremflavor thinks that it is time to  universal the correct idea to people.


First of all, for latex pillows are better than memory foam pillows, it must be consider in different circumstance. We will discuss from the pillow raw material, hand feeling, support force, heat preservation characteristics, odor, viscosity and adsorption, environmental nature, harm and other aspects to compare, so that readers can get the right , scientific understanding.So what is the truth?


1. Memory foam pillows and latex pillow's raw material.
 Memory foam pillow and latex pillow's raw materials are called polymeric material. Polyurethane produces memory foam or latex under different foaming conditions. Both of them are open cell structure, with the same water-absorbing and heat preservation function. So the latex, memory foam, sponge are essentially sponge. Latex pillow density is higher than the memory foam, so if you take the same size of the two pillows in hand, you can feel memory foam pillow is lighter. The truth is they are the same in the manufacturing material.



2. Memory foam pillows and latex pillows hand feel.
Latex pillows mentioned in above sentences are heavier. However, due to memory foam pillow usually do not be cut densely vents on pillow body, and it is less dense, so it will not bounce in your hand like latex pillow. When we press the pillow body, latex will recess deeper than memory foam and leave a finger mold on the foam. When selecting products, we should up to our preferences. If you like the feeling of relaxation as surrounded by cotton, you can choose a latex pillow. If you like better supportive pillow, you should choose memory foam. The truth is memory foam pillows and latex pillows are both viscoelastic and slow rebound and Memory foam pillows have a better performance on temperature mold.

 finger mold

3. Memory foam pillow and latex pillow are temperature molded and heat preservation.

Let’s put a hand on the memory foam pillow core, it will slowly mold the shape of the finger deformation. So the memory foam pillows will not be on the human body joints and muscles caused by a rigid conflict. Due to the temperature characteristics, for cervical, joint disease users, they are like warm, because warm reduce pain and discomfort. That is why memory foam pillow gives certain benefit to cervical disease prevention and treatment. Of course the room temperature cannot be too hot, the hot environment of the memory pillow and latex pillows are not applicable comfortable. However, many manufacturers, including Dremflavor produces silicone memory foam sleeping pillow, which covered with a layer of cool silicone pad. So the truth is both memory foam pillow and latex pillow are heat preservation.

 silicone memory foam sleeping pillow

4. Memory foam pillows and latex pillows’ supportive force.

The above sentence mentions that memory foam’s support force is better than latex pillow. Memory foam and latex foaming process are soft foaming. Memory foam supportive force or firmness can be adjusted by control the memory foam ingredients and process from 25D-120D. 120D  memory foam is very close to the latex. In general, memory foam is the higher the density, the greater the weight and the better the softness. Generally speaking, the traditional concept of our pillows is relatively lightweight. Very few people are willing to use heavy and softest pillows, do not like to sleep into neck pillows but above them. The truth is Memory foam pillows are lightweight and supportive which is more suitable for as pillows.

Memory foam pillows and latex pillows’ supportive force.


5. The smell of latex pillows and memory foam pillows.

 During the foaming process of Latex pillow and memory foam pillow, there will be volatile odor. Many producer use prohibited products in the production of memory foam, so the users, especially in the previous weeks, must endure an unpleasant odor. This smell is volatile and potentially harmful to the human body. But Dremflavor has a more advanced production ingredients and technology, by higher manufacturing costs Dremflavor can produce odorless memory foam pillow. Many latex manufacturers design cleaning process also can effectively reduce the odor. Many of the memory foam pillow and latex pillow manufacturers also add fragrance in the pillow body, making the product with a pleasant smell which can promotes sleep. The truth is you have better options to choose odorless memory foam pillow ad latex pillow.


6. Memory foam pillows and latex pillows’ adsorption capacity.

Open cell structures of latex pillow memory foam pillow give them permeability and absorption capacity. The breathing function of the two does give the user a comfortable feeling, but it is because of this feature, it makes the memory foam and latex pillows more easily accumulate water vapor, dust, hair and mites. High-quality memory foam pillow brand manufacturers usually add on a cotton inner sleeve for the pillow body, the inner sleeve is another layer of protection to reduce the pillow suffered water vapor, dust, hair, Mites and other subtle objects. So in the daily use of the process, whether it is memory foam pillows or latex pillows, should be put in the ventilation room for drying, tapping to keep the pillow clean. Latex pillows have a lot of vents, these large vents are more likely to make harmful dust retention, Natural latex contains oak protein, can effectively inhibit the growth of mites and bacteria.


7. Lifetime of memory foam pillows and latex pillows.
Good memory foam pillow under good maintenance, its life can reach 8-10 years. Cheap memory cotton pillow on the market due to internal open cells are broken, bacteria, human hair, dust invasion, hardening and other reasons, it should not be replaced after a fewer month or 2 years. High-quality latex pillow life of up to 10-12 years. Because there are too many internal vents, these vent spaces can give bacteria, mites, hair, dust more exist possibility. Because the latex pillow needs for frequent drying, which inevitably accelerate the speed of aging of the latex pillow. Theeretically speak, memory foam pillow and latex pillow be used from your childhood to adulthood, but maybe we are not willing to use a pillow for such a long time!

The truth is 10-15 years is too long!


8. Memory foam pillow and latex pillow environmental characters.
As the memory foam and latex essential same to plastic bags, burning will result in toxic gases. So they can be not said to be environmentally friendly materials as natural latex, but it is inevitable. Polyurethane products have been essential in everyday life. However, latex and memory foam pillows are decomposed under irradiation aging and sunlight, though the natural degradation is a long process. Natural latex is theoretically combusted to produce carbon dioxide and water, but because of the addition of chemical foaming agent in the foaming process, it will still produce harmful gases after burning.The truth is environmental harm caused only when no proper waste treatment happened.


9 . Hazard of memory foam pillows and latex pillows.
Too soft memory foam and latex pillows and cannot bring good comfortable feeling, but will affect the human’s skin breathe. For baby and the patient cannot turn over the head should not use memory foam pillows and latex pillows, because the memory foam pillows and latex pillow may cause suffocation. The truth is when pillows are proper used there is no hazard.


In summary, memory foam pillows and latex pillows are no big difference substantially. Memory foam pillow has a lot of advantages than latex pillow, especially the memory foam pillow's price  is much lower than the price of latex pillow, so that people do not have to spend a lot of money will be able to experience comfort of sleep. Whether it is to choose a memory pillow or latex pillow, as long as we know how to identify, we are able to choose a satisfied pillow.


Written By: Betty Pan@ Dremflavor

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