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Memory Foam Lumbar Support Container Loading is Going On Site

Views:463 Publish Date:2017-07-21

Clients from Middle East Placed an order of memory foam car lumbar support, memory seat cushion, memory foam sleeping pillow and car neck pillow to Dremflavor factory, total more than 15000 pieces. We ship the first batch Memory Foam Lumbar Support out today!

Memory Foam Lumbar Support factory

A brand new truck comes our factory site and brings a 40 ft container. All the warehouse colleagues join the container loading.

Memory Foam Lumbar Support factory

Now our warehouse is almost full and we have to place some goods in VIP resting room and even office…So we have to ship out the orders as soon as possible.

We are very excited for this shipment. When I issue this page, the loading is continuing. After this shipment, we will adjust our warehouse layout. By that time, warehouse efficiency will go up by 3 times and we will be able to load 1 container every two days. Dremflavor warehouse  will be able to accommodate 4 20 feet container at the same time and will be a middle size but high efficiency memory foam lumbar support factory