How To Reduce The Smell In Memory Foam Pillow

How To Reduce The Smell In Memory Foam Pillow

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Actually, Dremflavor’s memory foam pillow doesn’t emit smell since they come out from our production line. 

We apply advanced CFC technology in our foaming department which can solve the smell. So our customers don’t think about how to eliminate the smell in their memory foam pillows. Rohs Passed by SGS can prove that our quality can meet European Standards and don’t do harm to human health.


However, most of the memory foam from other manufacturers emit the chemical smell that can make customers a headache or queasiness. Those suffering from the smell are looking for some methods to reduce the smell. Perhaps they prefer a no smell memory foam pillow which Dremflavor can manufacture.


What should you do if your memory foam pillow emits some chemical smell?

After researching on Google and doing some tests, we find the following tips are workable.

1. Let your memory foam pillow air in a well-ventilated room for a few hours.

2. Place the memory foam outside under shade on a sunny day.

3. Sprinkle a bit baking soda onto the memory foam for some hours. Then vacuum them away.

4. Use deodorizer or white vinegar to absorb the smell.


Do the above methods eliminate the smell absolutely?

I don’t think so.

They can disperse or absorb the smell, but there are still some potential health problems for users.


Why does the memory foam pillow smell bad?

The raw material of Memory Foam is polyurethane foam which is odorless. In order to make the raw material react a certain way to create a foam, water and a number of chemical additives are needed. The toxic smell comes from some of the additives.

Although the foam manufacturers place the finished memory foam in the ventilated area for a long time before packing, the smells are still there. At the same time, the chemical additives may do harm to customers health.


Can we manufacture no odor memory foam?

Of course, we can. 

Our memory foam doesn’t emit smell since they come out from our foaming machine.

Dremflavor no smell memory foam pillow


If you are looking to purchase memory foam products for your customers, send us an inquiry or email. Dremflavor will provide you a sample. Smell our memory foam pillow and experience it, you will be surprised.