How to Prepare A 6-Hour Driving Trip?

How to Prepare A 6-Hour Driving Trip?

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 You are going to start a 6 hours driving, how should you prepare?


International Labor’s Day just ended, I know it is just a holiday in Social country like China, and you may envy me. But it was crowded so a lot of people didn’t go anywhere to spend the holiday but just stayed home. We can’t stop the Spring Outing Plan; we want to visit a beautiful place about 6 hours driving.


Or maybe in other situation, your company needs to you to visit a customer nearby, just 6 hours driving, maybe shorter or longer driving is needed. With a sore neck and waist, though we can stop on the way during the 6 hour driving, but we should do something and get the driving well prepare.


Dremflavor is willing to give some small suggestion to prepare a short driving journey.

1. Get on to bed before 10 P.M.

To ensure a good quality sleep, you need a hot water bath, and 20 minutes feet soak in hot water of 40 °. These actions can not only make sure a good sleep, but also for the 6 hours driving tomorrow. Normally it is too long to sit still for 6 hours, which our blood in the legs and hip will be very slow. Foot soak in hot water can avoid sore legs and numb hip.

2. Clean your car It is a short trip whatever.

A cleaning action should be taken by vacuum cleaner to reduce the dust and may appear in the air of small car room, which make sure we always breathe clean air in the car. If there is too much dust in the car, when we open the window, what we want is fresh air, but it brings dust storm!

3. Make a necessary items list.

Yet we don't need much stuff for a short trip of 6 hours. 

  1. The most important: Cash, phone and charger, key chain. With these items, even a longer trip, we can start at once. 
  2.  Water, dry food, or clean fruit if you want. 
  3. Cap, sunglasses, umbrella and sun scream. 
  4. Necessary underwear and pajamas.

4. Get a set of memory foam lumbar cushion and memory foam headrest pillow.

Almost all the drivers will give his car a pair of headrest pillow, regardless what is stuffed inside. But why memory foam neck rest pillow and lumbar cushion? Memory foam neck rest pillow and lumbar cushion is good supporting, slowly rebound and with muscle message function. Our neck and waist are very nervous and tired when we just go out of office. It is right to give them a proper support.


Let’s see how Dremflavor's memory foam car headrest pillow and memory foam car lumbar cushion works on driver’s body and release pressure. 

headrest pillow

lumbar cushion 

If you car space is sufficient, we can make the full car with comfortable pads, cushions and headrest pillow. Just look at this car owner for how he uses the memory foam lumbar cushion and headrest pillow.

Memory Foam Car Lumbar and Neck Pillow Kit

Driving is no longer a tired suffering, but a journey to enjoy: sunshine, fresh air and comfortable interior space!

Memory Foam Car Lumbar Cushion

Oh, and bring a memory foam travel pillow if the travel is more than 6 hours!

 By Betty Pan