How To Clean A Memory Foam Pillow

How To Clean A Memory Foam Pillow

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How To Clean A Memory Foam Pillow

Many Memory Foam Pillow sellers do not specify the product cleaning instructions, so customers are puzzled about the cleaning of memory foam pillows. Here we will give you a simple cleaning method for your memory foam pillows.

A memory foam pillow includes three parts: Outer Cover, Inner Cover (low-quality ones don’t include the inner cover) and the inner Memory Foam.

In normal, manufacturers use air layer fabric to make the memory foam outer cover. This fabric includes three layers: the surface, the middle layer, the bottom layer. The material of this three layers is Cotton, Fiber and a mixture of bamboo fibers. The air layer fabric is delicate in sewing, so we should wash the memory foam outer cover carefully.

To keep the outer cover in good appearance and ensure the long service life of the pillow, we should keep the following tips in mind:

1. Washing the outer cover by hand. No wringing.

2. Washing the outer cover independently to prevent color pollution.

3. Dry the outer cover naturally (Dryer is not allowed).


There are two types of Memory Foam Pillow inner filling, molding memory foam and shredded memory foam. No matter which type of memory foam pillow, please dry the memory foam under the sunshade. The memory foam is not allowed to be washed and exposed to the sun. Otherwise, it will reduce the pillow’s comfortable feeling and shorten the pillow’s service life.

These are the memory foam pillow cleaning methods. Also can be used in another memory foam items (memory foam travel pillow, memory foam back cushions, memory foam seat cushions, etc). Regular cleaning can provide your head a fresh and clean sleeping surface.

In order to protect the memory foam, Dremflavor’s memory foam pillow includes an inner cover which can prevent dust, mites, dead skin cells, etc. 100% cotton fabric or 100% polyester fabric inner cover are available. Click to view more.


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