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How Dremflavor makes their car travel pillow?

Views:265 Publish Date:2017-04-08

How Dremflavor makes their car travel pillow?

 1.       Molding

The memory foam core of travel pillow from Dremflavor is made of USA import raw material, no toxic no odor ingredient. All the pillow core are made by mold. We can control the density of memory foam by skill. Normally, we make 45D memory foam pillow core, which cut most of clients’ requirement.

We can also make 70D, 85D or higher density, to meet the requirement of high end product.


The most important reason that our customers choose us is our memory foam core is no odor, no toxic, SGS Rohs test passed.

2.       Customzid Requirement Sewing

We can make customers own design, logo,fabric, brand packing. Our good delivery time control, quality control support our company target to be a the best car travel pillow factory.

3.       Packing

We pack the good according to customers requirement and we can give adive to how to make the pack the goods for best logistic cost saving purpose.


It is much more complicated to make a car travel pillow, here we just simply list the steps, hopes it helps.