Memory Foam Pillow Online Seller: Best Way To Reduce International Shipping Cost

Memory Foam Pillow Online Seller: Best Way To Reduce International Shipping Cost

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Best Way To Reduce International Shipping Cost

How to reduce shipping cost effectively. Is an issue online sellers want to shoot as always. 

High shipping cost leads to business failure. memory foam pillows are big in size and light in weight, the international shipping cost is extremely high. No matter whether the goods are transported by road, air or sea. Some clients are shocked while they receive our shipping quote at the beginning for the negotiations. So that we both lost the chance to cooperate and win profit in this field.

High shipping cost scares away end consumers. Besides the international shipping cost, the local shipping cost in your city is definitely not cheap. But memory foam products, especially CFC no odor memory foam pillows are high value, profitable goods. Both of us should not give up the market share and ignore the needs of end consumers.

Except choose a good shipping company with competitive shipping rate. What else can you do if you are selling memory foam pillows and cushions?

We work a way after many times of test--Use compressed packing.

What is compressed packing?

Compress packing is using vacuum bag, compressing machine, heat seal machine to compress the memory foam into a smaller size while transportation. And user just need to release the goods out of the vacuum bag when he starts to use it.

How Does it work?

1. We place a memory foam pillow cushion into a 8C vacuum bag, and then place it into the compressing machine.

2. The compressing machine will squeeze out the air the foam, which in open sell.

3. At the proper compressed level, we send the vacuum bag into the heat seal machine.

4. And then we put it into a retail bag.

The Compressed packing will not damage any of the cells of the memory foam. It will recover very well after it is released from the vacuum bag even after months. One of the good recovery is because Dremflavor pillow’s use high quality memory foam raw material.

Here is a video shows how it works.

Best Way To Reduce International Shipping Cost

The size reduce 2/3~1/2 after compressed packing. That means one carton holds 12 pieces previously, now it holds 24 pieces. And a 20ft container holds 3600 pcs uncompressed memory foam pillow, it holds 7200 pcs now. The cost of the packing will increase a little bit, but huge amount shipping cost can be saved.


In fact, now I will always provide two packing solutions for our customers, when you start to order sample, I can provide the sample with two different packing: normal packing and compressed packing for you. 

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