Dremflavor specializes in manufacturing no odor memory foam products.

Dremflavor Inc.(U.S.A) and Foshan Jiyimi Technology Co., Ltd are founded by Ken Shang in 2016, with 1800 m2 memory foam pillow factory located in Foshan city, China. Dremflavor produces high-quality no odor memory foam pillows, memory foam neck pillowsmemory foam lumbar supports, memory foam travel pillows, memory foam seat cushions, memory foam pads, memory foam mattresses and sells to U.S.A. market and worldwide.

 Memory Foam Pillow Factory - Dremflavor

Dremflavor starts from pillows and cushions for car use. Its high quality won a lot of customers in high-end use. But it can also cut customers low price needs but high quality with a lower density memory foam product.


It owns trademark: Dremflavor, Jifu are now cooperating with international retail companies and bring good reputation. Dremflavor is looking for more distributors of our own brand worldwide.

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We own memory foam pillow factory is about 800 m2.  Plus a 400 m2 sewing center and more than 500 m2 warehouses, we can provide good service, good quality and competitive price of OEM orders, too.

Dremfalovr Factory Picture Display

1. Foaming plant

Ratating Foaming Line memory foam foaming machine Foaming Plant Memory Foam Factory

We expand our foam plant last year, now more than 4 foaming line is under running.  During our production process, we strictly control the foaming formula, ensure product quality. We produce only environmental memory foam, no poison, no smell, no order will appear in the whole foaming plant.

2.  Sewing plant

Dremflavor Sewing Plant Professional Sewing Worker Dremflavor Sewing Department Professional Sewing Plant

10 years experience sewing experiences worker, they are professional and focus on the PVC non-woven bag 8 hours a day and sometimes into to catch the lead time, they will longer time by piece counting.

Usually, the same sewing machine and the worker will work on the same product, same pillowcase in the different order, so the sewing skills are improving day by day.

3.   Sample Room

Memory Foam Sample Room Sample Room Memory Foam Mold

We have two sample rooms at the Factory site. One is finished product and another is half finished memory foam products. We can manufacture new memory foam molds according to our client's requirement. The quantity of sample is increasing each month, so we have considering a bigger space for the samples.

4.  Warehouse management

Memory Foam Pillow Warehouse Dremflavor Warehouse Dremflavor Warehouse Memory Foam Pillow Factory

Usually, we keep stock of some popular memory foam products, like memory foam cervical pillow, memory foam car lumbar support cushion, and memory foam car headrest. But during to the memory foam takes a lot of space, in order to reduce the cost, we pack customers order when all the material is ready.

5.  Office and customer service

Dremflavor Team Member Dremflavor Team

Dremflavor adheres to "Integrity, honesty, loyalty, love" as our business philosophy. We will try our best to provide professional and Superior Service to our customers. 

6. Test Report from Authorized Lab

Rohs Test from SGS lab.

Rohs Passed. Meet EU Standard.

AZO Test from CTS.

AZO, Pb, Cd Free

Design Patent Certificat

Design Patent Certificate

Please click here to view more test report, patens, and certs of Dremflavor  http://www.dremflavor.com/articles/certificate.html

7. International Exhibition

Dremflavor attended Frankfurt Automachenika (Shanghai 2017).  

 Dremflavor Exhibition Exhibition Our Visitors Dremflavor Exhibition Images

The booth was located in Hall 6.2. M34, main display products are memory foam car pillows, u shape travel pillow, back cushion, and seat cushions.


More than 500 visitors took away our product catalog and about 210 of them left their name card or contact information for future contact. Over 10 customers placed their orders after getting detailed information about us and experiencing our products. 

We receipt visitor home and aboard. Foreign visitors come from Russia, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Japan, Korea, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Egypt, Czech, United Kingdom, USA, Italy, Turkey etc.

Please click here to view more photos about our exhibition.   http://www.dremflavor.com/articles/events.html

We will attend Frankfurt Automachenika (Shanghai 2018) in the same hall, National Exhibition Center Shanghai. Looking forward to seeing you there!