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Foshan Jiyi-Mi Technology Co., LTD

Office Tel: 0086-757-85605287

Tel: +86-757-85605287

Cell/What'app: 13480264485
QQ: 2853821206 58647023 
Factory Address: No#3, Shangsha Road,Shachong, Lishui County,Nanhai Distrit, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China 528244

Dremflavor Inc invests his memory foam factory Foshan Jiyi-Mi Technology Co., Ltd, which located in Foshan City, China and the factory operated by Ken Shang, a Chinese man.  Dremflavor produces a range of memory foam product for home, hotel, travel, and travel, all of them we can offer competitive price. We produce products like memory foam pillow, memory foam seat cushions and memory foam lumbar support. All our products are high quality. Welcome your contact and talk about OEM products, develop your own brand and products!

Here is some thoughts of our own.

People need healthy, environmental protection, comfortable, non-toxic, harmless, no smell of high-end memory foam products! Most memory cotton products manufacturer and traders to emphasize their own product are especially for astronauts, slow rebound, cheap and human body engineering. But of all people come in contact with cheap memory foam products users have a pain: the odor spreads a few days but not disappear. When in use, it does let us feel comfortable, but there is a fear in the heart, its odor will damage your health or not? How can I buy the healthy safe assured products? To do well in this product, we have to solve is not a first purchase, but twice, three times or more! 

We need to and have to produce health, environmental protection, comfort, no smell (VOC free)memory foam products! 

DREFLAVOR INC(U.S.A) memory foam products, we create from the heart.


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